Hand sanitation stations will be available for guests to use before and after interacting with any product.

Interactive Dart Board

Introducing the world's most accurate, automated darts scoring technology. Our augmented reality system projects the targets directly onto the board and surrounding area, instantly displaying the results via a big screen or projector. 



  • Dart Board 
  • Darts 
  • Console 
    • All-in-one computer that powers our darts system. 
  • Smartboard 
    • Delivering the most accurate and reliable autoscoring 
  • TV Screen 

Wicked Tuna

Based upon the “Wicked Tuna” TV show, this two-player arcade game allows event guests to go fishing as their favorite captain in the show. Players will compete to be the best bluefin tuna fisherman as they operate realistic rods and reel controllers. 



  • Officially licensed 
  • 1-2 player video fishing game 
  • Single/2P match modes 
  • 65” screen with leaderboard ranking 
  • Realistic fishing rod & reel controllers 
  • Force-feedback lever cast/reel action 


Technical Elements 

  • 51"w x 58"d x 98”h 
  • 683 lbs 

Big Baller

Dive into a world of fun with our giant interactive ball that activates your entire body. As you rotate the ball with your hands, your avatar will roll an immense boulder through a variety of unique environments.  

Choose from various worlds, game variations, the degree of difficulty (including “force feedback”), leaderboards and much more. 



  • Hundreds of trails in funtastic worlds with a host of different quests and secrets to reveal 
  • Can be played on screens, projectors, extensive LED boards or projection mappings 
  • Leaderboard 



  • Branding and customization 
  • Real-life effects like fog, wind, snow 


Technical Elements 

  • Regular 33.5 in // ~88 lbs 
  • Mega 47.2 in // ~110 lbs

Flash Floor

Our colorful smart squares are configured to make an interactive floor where players can experience exciting and competitive games. From stealing treasure and escaping a temple, choose from a variety of options. 


  • Smart squares 
  • 1-4 players 
  • Choose four games 
    • Temple Escape 
    • Hurdle Race 
    • Ruby Rush 
    • Jump Rope 
    • Snake Pit 
    • Boogie Lights 

Technical Elements 

  • Action Arcade: 10x10 configuration 
  • Upgrade: 20 x 12 

Snow Throw

Our cool NEW Snow Throw game is based off our incredibly popular Axe Throwing games but with a wintery, icy feel.  


  • Single Inflatable Unit 
  • Velcro Snow Balls 
  • Ice Pickaxes 


  • Branding + Customization
  • Double Unit 


  • Actual Size: 10’Lx16’Wx9’H 
  • Setup Area: 20’Lx20’Wx12’H 

8-Player Mega Pac-Man

Our NEW 8-player Pac-Man game gives the Namco classic a much-needed upgrade. While gameplay may be similar to the original, going up against seven opponents gives the game a whole new feel. Features like new power-ups, “Find my Pac,” and updated graphics enhance the experience. 


  • 8 players 
  • New power-ups 
  • Updated gaming graphics 
  • “Find my Pac” 


  • Rated power supply: US 115 +/- 10% V AC (50/60 Hz) – UK 230 +/- 10% VAC (50/60Hz) 
  • Maximum power consumption: 500W 
  • Maximum current Input: 8A (115V AC power supply) 4A (230 V AC power supply) 
  • Dimensions: 95 x 86 x 115 in. (2,413 x 2,184 x 2,921 mm) (W x D x H) 
  • Weight: 600 lbs 

Night at the Races

Grab your best hat and boots for a horse racing extravaganza! Prior to the event, participants will complete a form to select their horses. Participants will cheer on horses in real time. While there is no real betting involved, we encourage prizes for an extra incentive.


  • Live host
  • 10 races
  • Betting document
  • Prize ceremony
  • Duration: 60 minutes


  • Custom names for each horse

Giant Bop It!

Giant Bop It! is a fun and intuitive skilled-based redemption game perfect for your next corporate event. Just like the nostalgic hand-held game, players must follow the voice and visual prompts to perform actions in quick succession. There are five actions to perform; Bop It, Flick It, Pull It, Spin it and Twist It, and the more players get right, the higher the ticket wins. The game gets progressively more challenging, thus testing players’ speed and hand-eye coordination, and rewards them for the biggest scores! 



  • Skill Based Redemption game 
  • Fun, entertaining, and intuitive game play 
  • Big income potential for a small footprint 
  • Colorful and brightly lit cabinet that attracts attention 
  • A dynamic bonus target score keeps the game fun and challenging for skilled players 
  • Single player 

North Pole Photo Booth

Perfect for the holidays, our North Pole Photo Booth is guaranteed to get guests in the holiday spirit.  


Key Features 

  • Indoor/Outdoor

  • Real wood house 

  • Touch screen 

  • Internet + social media integration 

  • Winter/holiday theme 

  • 4x6 photos or 2 strips 

  • Camera: 10MP full HD 


  • Custom prints 

    • Logos/text  

    • Frames/collages 

  • Custom screen interface 

  • Logos/custom images 

  • Music, welcome screen, ads 

  • Custom exterior 

  • Decals 

Mechanical Reindeer

Rudolph dipped into a barrel of Santa’s egg nog this year.

Putting a festive twist of a Mechanical Bull, our Mechanical Reindeer is a hilarious way to get into the holiday spirit.

Prove you have what it takes to calm down a tipsy Rudolph and save the holidays. 

Reaction Attraction

Put guests’ eye hand coordination to the rest with reaction attraction. After starting the game, guests will try and catch 12 LED batons as they fall at random toward the floor. Sensors automatically track the number of batons caught. 



  • LED unit with 12 batons 
  • Three levels of difficulty 
  • Scoreboard  



  • Custom batons 
    • I.e., Swap batons for candy canes  
  • Branding and wrapping available 

Hit the Green

Become a fight champion with Hit the Green, a new take on boxing. To play, guests will punch or kick targets that are currently lit green. A correct hit adds a point to their score, while hitting a red target will subtract a point. Guests will try to get as many points as they can before the timer runs out. 


  • Bright LED targets 

  • Four padded drum targets for punching 

  • Single padded target at the base for kicks/knee strikes 

  • Red numerical LED displays show timer, current score, and top score 


  • Branding and customization 

Joker's Cabin Escape Room

Joker is up to his old tricks again. Does your team have what it takes to escape his eerie cabin?

Rather than opting for your typical haunted house this Halloween, why not switch it up with an eerie escape room? Team members are in for a real trick-or-treat as they navigate the cabin for clues, allowing them to disable a ticking time bomb. With just 10 minutes on the clock, the experience is just the right amount of unsettling. Don’t let the joker have the last laugh! 



  • Cabin Facade
  • Cabin Interior
  • 10, 20 or 30 minute challenges


Space Requirement: 12 ft x 12 ft x 9ft h or 10ft x 10ft x 9ft h

Electricity: (1) dedicated 20 amps outlet


  • Double Doors Required
  • No Steps

Multiball LED


Physical activity and gamification unite with Multiball, our NEW mixed reality sports simulator. Equipped with high precision sensors, Multiball accurately tracks each player’s spatial position and senses ball contact in real time. From a soccer-inspired darts game to tennis-inspired tic-tac toe, the simulator features over 35 adrenaline-pumping gaming options for all skill levels. 

Customize the game to your event with branded gaming graphics. 



  • Projector package: mount and HDMI cable
  • Console: sound system, sensor processing unit, motion tracking camera 
  • Sensor System: Stainless-steel frame with built-in ball detection sensors 
  • Impact-proof LED screen 
  • Indoor and outdoor functionality 



  • Branded gaming graphics 


Technical Elements

  • Dimensions: 161 x 112 x 5.5 in 
  • Space Requirement: 181 x 181 in 
  • Electricity: 5x 20 amps 

Holiday Beverages

Taste the true spirit of the season with holiday-inspired beverage art. From hot chocolate topped with snowflakes to coffee topped with reindeer, choose from a variety of drink and design options for guests to bond over. 


Giant Present Dive

Featuring a giant present facade, our Giant Human Claw Machine just received a holiday-inspired twist. After strapping into a harness, event guests will plunge into a jolly abyss of tempting presents.


  • Get lifted into the air on a crane
  • Get dipped into a present pit full of prizes


  •  Customization
    • Branding and wrapping available
      • I.e., side walls, front and back screens and add extra walls for extra branding
    • Customize prizes inside pit


Space Requirement: 25ft x 25ft x 20ft h

Electricity: (3) dedicated 20 amps outlets.

Load-In: Double doors required, no steps, 20ft clearance

Virtual Racing Chairs

Featuring high-res graphics and realistic steering controls, our virtual racing chairs allow guests to against one another for a chance to rank on the leaderboard. Add to the experience with custom chairs and gaming graphics. Spectators become part of the ride as they watch each race via external monitors.

*all pictures are examples of the attractions we offer. Actual attraction style and color can vary based on availability.*

Speed Pitch

Put your pitching skills to the test with this customizable baseball game featuring a speed radar.

*all pictures are examples of the attractions we offer. Actual attraction style and color can vary based on availability.*

Top Doc

Save the patient from impending doom by removing his ailments.


  • When the player touches the wand to a game piece, it automatically latches onto the wand. Should contact be made with the cutout, the magnetic wand automatically turns off and the piece drops.
  • Games are available in easy, medium, or hard difficulty levels.
  • Set the LED display to record number of mistakes or total time taken.

LED 4 in a Row

Using the jumbo LED buttons, players alternate turns and drop a digital puck into the game board. Get four in a row in any direction to win!


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