Product Launch Events

Have a new product, or promotion? Planning a promotional tour, unveiling, début, or grand opening for your business? Why not include eye-catching entertainment that directly reflects the sophistication, style, and individuality of your company and product?

There are countless entertainment options that are designed to draw crowds, but also function as a direct media for branding. You can easily pair the promotion, or product you are launching, with a variety of rentals and entertainments. These include photo booths and customized green screen photography, audio and video favors, simulators and virtual reality, inflatables, and customized favors.

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Grand openings can produce even greater results with the addition of money booths, live talent, and carnival rentals like fun food, cotton candy, and popcorn carts. Many of the giveaways, favors, and products we provide can be tailored to your branding goals, and for creating a memorable experience for your attendees. All the while, you are furthering your return on investment long after the opening or tour.


Advertise with style and fun while driving your name and the offerings of your business. Use your brand and various entertainments to spark the interest of your desired demographic and consumers of all ages. We also specialize in promotions for fundraising and non-profit functions.

As you begin planning for your product launch, grand opening, or promotional tour or event, contact us with your venue(s), demographic, products, promotions and offerings, in addition to your business and ROI goals. Interactive Entertainment Concepts has been working with prestigious clients of all industries and organizations, both corporate and private.


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