Performance Bartending

*all pictures are examples of the attractions we offer. Actual attraction style and color can vary based on availability.*

Performance Bartending

Choose one or all three for the same price. Some clients only want a full bartender performance & some only want bartenders who entertain as they serve your guests. You choose what's best for your guests.

  1. We will serve your guests and amaze them with our unique style of bartending and dynamic cocktail mixing! We'll even tell some jokes & play some bar bets :)
  2. We will serve your guests AND we will perform a 3-10 min bartender demonstration performance (custom choreographed and at a time of your choosing. Great with 1 bartender & even better with a team of 2 )
  3. We will get your guests involved by adding a 10 min interactive bartender teaching session with our unbreakable Practice bottles. We will highlight the guest of honor and teach them a few moves in front of everyone or even get volunteers from the audience for a contest to see who’s the best new bartender at flipping bottles, which is always good for a laugh :) We include 5 gift DVD’S How to be the life of the party DVD, Party Games, Tricks and Challenges & Riddles, Puzzles & Brain Teasers. 2 Videos in one 3 Hr DVD ) to give as prizes to your guests. These are a $34.95 US Value each. $175 US value total. We will do as much or as little as you think is appropriate for your event to make absolutely certain that your guests leave your party talking about what a great time they had.
  • Impress and entertain your customers or guests
  • Create media attention for your event or products

Highlight and promote specific product lines

  • Give your customers a reason to attend your event or promotion
  • Involve your guests in the demonstration and compete for prizes ( 5 Free DVD’S included )

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