Live Photos

*all pictures are examples of the attractions we offer. Actual attraction style and color can vary based on availability.*

Live Photos


Live Photos

Augmented Reality Photos are here! Great for special events.  Looking for something different and very cool! Never seen before....  Demos Below

Photos that Come to Life!

This is a our amazing new product that uses Augmented Reality Technology.  Guests have their photo taken and have the choice of a beautiful 3D or 2D (4x6) photo print out. Then they download our free app from the app store and watch in amazement as their photo comes to life!  A must see..... Check out demo below.

1) Download our app for your smartphone or tablet. You can either type in 3D live photo in the app store or use our QR code below.


2) Make sure your volume is all the way up on your device!!!

3) After you download this app above activate these two scenes.

TANATOR and Shark ZELDA and then hit the orange Animate Button. Point camera at single picture below and be amazed!  Experiment with moving the camera at different angles: View from left, right, up, down, close up, far away! 180 degrees in any direction....  Enjoy!  (call for dinosaur demo)


Live Photos Additional Details
Space Requirement12'x12'
Thru put40 per hr
Electrical20 amps

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