Live Photo Mosaic Wall

Live Photo Mosaic Wall


Celebrate your workspace, wherever that may be, with a custom mosaic the entire team can be a part of.

STEP 1: Choose a Photo

  • Whether you're taking a selfie, showing off your current workspace or reminiscing on an old company gathering, the photo you choose is entirely up to you!

STEP 2: Add a Hashtag

  • While posting the photo, be sure to include the custom hashtag that corresponds with your mosaic. Once posted, your photo will automatically get added as a piece of the larger image!

STEP 3: Engage with Coworkers

  • Connecting with coworkers is half the fun! Simply click the hashtag to see your coworkers' contribution to the mosaic.

STEP 4: The Big Picture

  • Once the activation is complete, a mosaic combining all submissions will be revealed digitally for use in social media, marketing materials, or even your office!
Live Photo Mosaic Wall Additional Details
Space Requirement10x10ft area - Needs strong Wifi signal (3-4 bars) and 2 6ft tables
Electrical(1) dedicated 20 amps

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