Immersive 3D Augmented Reality

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Immersive 3D Augmented Reality

Be among the first to experience world-class truly immersive augmented reality entertainment. Visors worn by participants enable you to move through and interact with a stunning 3D holographic environment. The environment responds to your location, hand gestures and even eye gaze interactions. 


Unlike virtual reality, our augmented reality technology combines 3D holographic images and spatial sound with the world around you. This means that you are able to interact with others during the experience, making it an ideal team building activity. 


Other benefits:

- No nausea

- No cords or tethers 

- Glasses may be worn under visor

- Quick onboarding


Make the experience your own with custom graphic content, logos and messaging.


What’s Included:

- Microsoft Holo-Lens Visors for participants

- Turn Key Software with a choice of several pre-made environments

- Themed real-world environment

- Full staff


 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: How many participants can enter the experience at one time?

A1: This number varies on the size of the experience you are looking to create. A rule of thumb is 1-2 people per 100 square feet of space.


Q2: How long is the experience?

A2: The experience typically runs between 5-8 minutes, but can be adjusted.


Q3: Is customization available or do we need to choose from one of the preexisting environments?

A3: Yes! Customization is available upon request.


Q4: Can I wear a mask during the experience?

A4: Yes, the device is worn on top of the head with a transparent visor that hangs from above. Masks that cover the nose and mouth, which have been used due to COVID-19 can easily be worn in combination with the device.


Q5: Can social distancing be maintained during the experience?

A5: The throughput of the experience will be managed by the operators to provide adequate room to maneuver and to maintain any social distancing protocols. In addition, players can still see the real world around them, and see other players, so they can navigate and explore at an appropriate distance.


Q6: How is nausea avoided?

A6: In immersive augmented reality you are able to see the real-world through a transparent visor, so your body and balancing systems can orient to the real-world as it normally would, and it is unlikely that you would have any motion sickness as sometimes happens in a VR experience.

Immersive 3D Augmented Reality Additional Details
Space Requirement10'x10' per game space
Thru put10 per hr
Electrical20 amps

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