Holographic Marketing

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Holographic Marketing

Introducing the next revolution of experiential marketing. Be amazed as a custom 3D holographic logo, text, product or image floats before your very eyes. No VR equipment required! For added engagement, we offer branded gaming options and challenges. With our latest update, users can easily swipe through content with the wave of a hand and zoom in and out with their fist. Ideal for brand promotions and event activations.


What’s Included:


- High-definition Holo-Wall Display

- Holographic logo, text, product or image with effects

- Holo-Wall Display installation.

- Technician




- Gaming options

- Leap Motion/Hand-Gesture Controls

- Facial Recognition

- Holographic Guest

- Informational Signage


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q1: How do the holographics work?

A1: Our Holo-Wall Display comprises of four spinning rays lined with high-power LEDs. When the rays spin, they create a full 3D holographic image at 30 frames per second.


Q2: How is the holographic content created?

A2: Our programming team creates custom 3D content for your brand, which can be clearly seen in HD-quality in the daylight or in the dark.

Holographic Marketing Additional Details
Space Requirementvaries
Electrical20 amps

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