Giant Tetris

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Giant Tetris


What would happen if you combined the classic puzzle game Tetris with huge human-sized joysticks? Giant Tetris from SEGA !

Tetris Giant (AKA Giant Tetris) is a Tetris game with some big twists! The action is played on a large 47" LCD Monitor and is controlled using giant joysticks with a built-in shaker "rumble" motor.

Several play modes available!  Solo play includes line attack and score attack modes. During two-player competitive play, clearing multiple block rows makes your rival's speed increase. During two-player cooperative play, players can swap pieces with each other by tapping a button on the main arcade cabinet.

Bring the WOW factor to your next event with this giant, updated classic!

Giant Tetris Additional Details
Space Requirement6x6ft area, 7ft height
Electrical(1) 20 amp dedicated

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