Experiential Marketing

Live and Brand Activations

Live and Brand Activations is the art of driving consumer action through brand interaction and experiences. In simple terms, the key aim of these sorts of campaigns is to get consumers to act. It's about bringing brands to life via experiences and forming long-term emotional connections. Our goal is to bring thebrand to life through the experience.  We come into play with interactive games, immersive virtual reality experiences, social media activations and more.

Experiential Marketing Events

Don’t just provide a marketing message; provide an experience with a specially planned event. Our marketing specialists are here to help you plan an event according to your desired theme and sales objectives. Whether you are marketing a single new product or celebrating a grand opening, be certain to market your event effectively. Rely on the expertise of our unbeatable customer service and our planning specialists.


What does a laundry brand have in common with a cheese snack or an outdoor fashion company? The answer is that brands not normally associated with music are turning to festivals to spread their brand messages.

While the festival season normally takes place in summer, brands need to prepare in advance and use the winter months to sign deal.  The opportunities for non-traditional festival brands to become involved in the scene are greater than ever, according to a trends report on music festivals.

Fashion, technology, food and household goods are all joining the well-established festival sponsor brands, demonstrating that there is no sector barrier when it comes to entering this lucrative marketing space.  Few consumer touchpoint opportunities offer themselves up on a plate in the way a music festival does. Where else can you find a predominantly young, captive, emotionally charged audience engaged in a shared, tangible social experience?  But with an increasing number of brands attracted to the festival scene, marketers need to offer more than a branded deckchair area and a few promotional giveaways to have any lasting impact.

Our goal is to give brands an opportunity to create a lasting impression among festival attendees through an experience.  Whether it’s a social media photobooth, live twitter wall, interactive games, or VR experiences to promote a brand, event marketing is now at the forefront of advertising for brands.  These activations are generally customized and brandable which increases brand recognition and measurable ROI for event marketers.  Let us help you achieve your marketing goals with innovative and immersive experiences for your brand.

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