Augmented Advertising

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Augmented Advertising


Make your content pop off the screen and into the homes of your audience with Augmented Reality technology! Specifically, smartphone camera access will enable a live object of your choosing to enter the environment of each person who views your content.


What’s Included:

Unlimited access to a custom piece of augmented reality content for sharing at your discretion.


Run of Show:

1. Work with IEG to create custom digital content (i.e., ad, campaign materials, email, etc.).

2. Once the content is live, smartphone viewers will be prompted to grant camera access.

3. Viewers will point their camera to an open area, and watch the content come to life.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do viewers need an application to view the content?

A: No. Once viewers grant camera access, nothing else is needed.


Q: What kind of devices can be used to view the content?

A: The content can be viewed on any smartphone with camera access.


Q: Does IEG distribute the advertisement?

A: No. IEG leaves it up to the client to decide how the content is used.


Q: How much does it cost for a single piece of content?

A: Price varies based on the complexity of the live object.

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