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Gregg Dukofsky

United States

Research & Product Development



President of Interactive Entertainment Concepts, Gregg Dukofsky brings a uniquely innovative and entrepreneurial spirit to the company. Having earned High honors in communications and audio/video production, and previously owning a successful video production company, Gregg brings a wealth of experience including a dedication to total customer satisfaction.

Patricia Dukofsky

United States

Senior Event Planner



Patricia Dukofsky has over 15 years of executive management experience in the field of interactive entertainment. A graduate of Pace University with a BS in Psychology and Business, top 5% in her class, Patricia has continually expanded her knowledge about event planning and coordination through participation in numerous industry seminars and workshops.

Patricia remains active in the community as a member of numerous charitable organizations and women’s networking organizations. She is also a member of ISES, MPI, and Who’s Who in American Women.

Danielle Richter

United States

Event Planner



An IEC employee since 2003 and in the special events industry for 10 years. Currently, Danielle is the Senior Sales Manager of IEC. She is also a graduate of Hofstra University with a Bachelors degree in Communications and Public Speaking. She is also a member of Sigma Delta Tau National Sorority, and is a member of the national chapter of Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

Danielle brings invaluable experience to the IEC organization as a former Camp Counselor who worked with children for over 10 years, Her Clients include many Fortune 500 companies. She is also a member of ISES and MPI.

Marty Fallon

United States




An IEC employee since 2003, Marty serves as our Production/Finals Coordinator. Marty earned her BA from Penn State, and served as a Catering/Hospitality Manager for the Hilton Hotels where she spent 7 years being involved in event planning.

Ismael Qureshi

United States

Casino Director


Casino Director Ismael Qureshi graduated from St. Johns University with a BA in Finance. He has 5 years of management experience, including 4 years as a professional card dealer in Atlantic City. Ismael overseas all casino events and manages a staff of over a 100 dealers.

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