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Nonprofit Charity Events


Interactive Entertainment prides itself in developing some of the most effective and rewarding fundraising and nonprofit entertainment. You can inspire contribution for your cause with unique and sophisticated themes and entertainment tailored to your specific cause and fund goals.

Just a few of the fundraising events we specialize in are:


Casino Fundraisers

Adding the thrill and flair of the Vegas experience to your fundraiser will inspire your attendees to contribute, all the while providing them with an exciting and sophisticated gaming experience. Your fundraiser can be completed with a fully themed atmosphere and classic Vegas entertainmentLearn more about our vast selections of casino rentals and games.
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Casino Raffle Bin  Casino Chinese Auction
Interactive Entertainment can help you plan and arrange all the details of your fundraiser auction. We can customize a wide variety of add-ins and entertainment designed to keep your bidders excited and inspired to contribute to your unique cause. There are many auction themes and games to select from, including bingo, casino themes and videogame tournaments. Live performers and many of our rentals can be directly coordinated according to your audience demographic and fundraising objectives.

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Poker Tournaments

From the smallest details like customized cards, chips, tables, scoreboards, and prize booths, poker tournaments are a great way to drive your cause and inspire your contributors. You will provide them with an unforgettable gaming experience while they further your fundraising goals. A complete casino experience can be incorporated with our many rentals and Vegas themed entertainment.
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Carnival themes make for great fundraisers due to their timeless appeal, countless entertainment options, and their lively atmosphere. It’s easy to customize and incorporate your specific cause into the festivities. Just a few of the carnival themed rentals that are ready for your fundraiser include fun food carts, rides, booths, simulators, and games.
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