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In order to design an effective experience or series of experiencesyou need to understand your audience. It is all about them not about you and your products. They need to feel and understand in order to act on your objectives. Although you are trying to get the message across to a large audience, you need to make it as intimate and as personal as possible .
Start with the audience
Evolution 1
Evolution Healthcare brings our Super Booth to their latest Event Promotion in Seattle Convention Center. Our Superbooth Attraction was able to play a a custom infomercial for each attendee wanted to participate in a custom "photo shoot" with live branding and video of Evolutions logo and brandin message. This Interactive Experience soothed all the senses for attendees as well as video of what Evolution can do for their business and given a take home photo shoot as well!!
Go Daddy
Go Daddy takes it up a notch to at their latest Event Promotion in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Custom Virtual Race Cars offered attendees a chance to experience racing with the “Go Daddy” cars. Interactive Gaming logos were programmed in the gaming software to solidify the brand experience. Attendees raced against counterparts to the finish line to win Logo and Branding “Go Daddy” giveaways to all the winners and participants with a chance to be entered into the ultimate “Go Daddy” sweepstakes.
South by Southwest Concert teams up with Guess Eyewear in Austin Texas. Attendees were able to take their “selfies” at a custom “Instacam” Social Media Booth. Attendees were able to upload pictures with custom hashtags and/or videos with custom graphics to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Guess Eyewear Logo and Branding were adhered to the Photo Booth and on the custom printed pictures. Guests were immersed in their own interactive experience and took a giveaway home. Guess received all e-mail data from data collection of each attendees e-mail for future marketing and ROI.
Interactive with not just people but with things are an important part of any experience. Make sure the staff is interactive and intuitive to attendees questions and needs. Be professional, engaging, friendly and most of all human. This is what will build real long term brand recognition.
Design the experience
if it all comes together, your attendees with feel and think they belong The experience should be immersive environment by using external influences to affect internal responses. Focus not just on the visual and audible but the other senses as such as taste, touch and smell.
Interaction is Key
Interactive with not just people but with things are an important part of any experience. Make sure the staff is interactive and intuitive to attendees questions and needs. Be professional, engaging, friendly and most of all human. This is what will build real long term brand recognition.
Stay on Brand
Make sure your brand is the focus on the event. Make sure the quality, tone, environment, and staff reflects your brand personality. Anything not clear will affect your brand association with the experience and may not develop hinder long term retention of your message.
Be authentic
Last but not least, authenticity is critical in driving trust with your audience. Ensure your experiences are genuine, authentic and true. Is your event an experience? Is it different? Does it tie into your brand? We as marketers should walk around in the shoes of our audiences to get a relevant and effective experience.
Instacam Photobooth
Lumbar Liquidators brings the Instacam Photo Booth to Promote their new Line of floors.Guests took pictures and videos of themselves with the Instacam Photo Booth to upload to Lumbar Liquidators Website on Instacam and Facebook. Custom Hashtags were used to highlight the event with photos printed out mirroring the Instacam format.

Company and Corporate Events

Interactive Entertainment has the creativity and the resources necessary to transform any corporate event into a smashing success. Whether you’re looking to launch a brand, build team spirit, or generate sales leads, you can count on IEC to impress your target audience with unique and unusual concepts that are well executed and highly original.

Trade Shows

Traffic building resources and marketing tactics are the key to your trade show success, and Interactive Entertainment has just those tactics and resources. Our “booth magnets” have benefited a myriad of business, all with their own unique marketing messages and trade show goals. Learn more about our trade show offerings here.

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Corporate Team Building

Team Building OlympicsThe better individuals work together, the better corporations and not-for-profit corporations work to achieve their mission. At Interactive Entertainment Concepts, we take team building to the next level by engaging people with activities that are fun, exciting, and challenging. Through positive team building experiences led by experienced facilitators, groups of individuals learn to become more cohesive units by recognizing the importance of strong communications and cooperation, even under stress. For harried employees, team building events often represent a welcome departure from everyday work responsibilities, providing a fun-filled way to look at co-workers from an entirely fresh perspective. Effective team building can take a disparate or unfamiliar group and transform them into a cohesive unit that breaks down barriers, demonstrates renewed creativity and energy, thus boosting productivity and overall work satisfaction.

Team building:

  • Reduces workplace tension
  • Stresses teamwork and communication
  • Teaches new methods of interaction
  • Focuses on consensus-building

Team building exercises also level the playing field between upper, senior and lower management. Here, nobody carries a job title, enabling people to reveal hidden talents and qualities never seen before.

A leader in the field of team building, Interactive Entertainment Concepts has professional coaches and facilitators who will take the time to understand your long term goals and objectives, then design and implement a program that maximizes your objectives by developing greater camaraderie and teamwork.

Whether you are looking to sponsor a company Olympics, picnic, or other gathering, Interactive Entertainment will customize a team building program that would be perfect for your organization. Would you like to contact an IEC event planner?

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Promotional Tours

Celebrate and share your new product with some of the most exciting, advanced, and effective entertainment out there. Promoting with fun and unique marketing methods is a must for any successful tour. Customized favors, customized wraped photo booths, green screen photography, simulators, virtual reality, and specialty acts are just the beginning.

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Holiday Parties

No matter what the holiday, leave it to Interactive Entertainment to create an enchanting and festive atmosphere. Show your guests your generosity, spirit, and appreciation as they enjoy the many festivities, games, and effects that we will arrange according to the specifics of your party. Throw a holiday party with the expertise of Interactive Entertainment. With us, you will inspire, motivate, and purely entertain with a unique selection of holiday themes.
Click here for full list of holiday party ideas in our catalogue: Holiday Party Ideas

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Grand Openings

Grand Openings Ribbon CuttingOpening that new shop? Relocating and want to spread the word and welcome new customers? Recently renovated and want to show off and draw in the crowds? Want to perfectly coordinate that bit ribbon-cutting ceremony? Then plan the right entertainment additions for your grand opening with Interactive Entertainment. From the overall theme, right down to individual, customized giveaways, we have the expertise and the selection that will keep your customers returning and relying upon you long after your celebration.
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Hospitality Suites

Hospitality Suites TalentStyle and sophistication will welcome and impress your attendees when you plan your event with IEC. Hospitality suites can be suited with a variety of fun, unique, and dynamic entertainment that will promote cooperation and camaraderie. Utilizing coordinated atmospheric additions and activities such as multi-player games, virtual reality, and simulations will leave your attendees talking. Don’t pass up the opportunity to create a long lasting impression and real results for your company or organization. Corporate hospitality suites are popular at sporting event as a way to promote your company to top accounts and prospects. However, hospitality suites can accomplish much more, such as to or motivate members of your team, say thanks, or provide after work fun and entertainment. Event planning specialists at IEC are ready to discuss your requirements, budgets and options to create a hospitality suite that is truly sensational and effective in projecting your message. Contact IEC today to plan your perfect hospitality suite.

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Company Picnics

There are few ways to invite your employees and their guests to warmly interact and just cut loose than planning a company picnic with innovative entertainment and activities. Promote fellowship, fun, and teambuilding with the help of a corporate event planner. Simulators, inflatables, virtual reality, scavenger hunts, teambuilding programs, auctions, and game shows are just a few of the creative and exciting activities you can coordinate into your company picnic.
Click here for full list of company picnic ideas in our catalogue: Company Picnic Ideas

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Employee and Customer Appreciation Days

Employee and Customer Appreciation DaysA company is only as strong as its employees and its customers. Show them your gratitude, appreciation with your unique approach to sharing and expressing thanks through celebration. Your special event can be completed with customized favors and entertainments such as carnival rentals, casino parties, and raffles. Your employees, customers, and guests will understand how valuable they are—thanks to your memorable and entertaining gesture of appreciation.

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Event Marketing

Don’t just provide a marketing message; provide an experience with a specially planned event. Our marketing specialists are here to help you plan an event according to your desired theme and sales objectives. Whether you are marketing a single new product or celebrating a grand opening, be certain to market your event effectively. Rely on the expertise of our unbeatable customer service and our planning specialists.

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Product Launches

Now that your product is ready to make its début, make sure you unveil in style by utilizing a variety of eye-catching and unique methods of marketing. By entertaining and therefore directly appealing to your clients, all the while presenting your new product, you will be certain to enhance your return on investment. Our wide variety of games and favor options can be directly customized with your product and company logo. When Interactive Entertainment is planning your product launch, you can rest assured that all your requirements will be met.

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