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College Entertainment

Common Hour Entertainment

Interactive Entertainment has decades of expertise in planning, managing and coordinating all types of events for colleges and universities, independent schools, public schools, hospitals, and not-for-profit organizations.  Working with clients on individualized basis, we deliver cost-effective solutions that make on campus or off campus events truly magical.



Across America, IEC assists schools and colleges with their common hour programming.  We provide educational institutions with the highest quality entertainment and can help make your life much easier by offering you full service entertainment.

For over 20 years we have been entertaining college campuses and appearing at major events.  The most intensive interactive inventory and have worked with the very best names in the music and entertainment business.  You will know the minute you contact our office that you are in the care of trained and experienced professionals.  Meet our staff of trained professionals.

We understand the hassles and tough challenges that a college activities programmers face everyday.  Our comprehensive approach eliminates the long meetings, the relentless phone calls from insistent agents, the painful deadlines, the tight budgets, the late hours spent in the office planning events, and the stress involved in preparing events.

One call to IEC brings the very best in entertainment right to your campus.  So let us take the burden off your shoulders and place it on ours.

Attention down to the smallest detail.

Our complete entertainment packages and all Inclusive pricing eliminate the need to negotiate prices and entertainment travel arrangements.  Our super competitive prices will maximize your budget.  And our experienced professionals offer you value, integrity, honesty and accountability.  Our expert team is dedicated to making your next event an awesome success.

We invite you to and talk to one of our campus activities planners who’ve hosted hundreds of highly successful events, and learn more about a team entirely focused on you and your event.  Isn’t it time you experienced what many college activity programmers are calling the "Best Choice in College Entertainment".  Contact us today.

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Freshman Orientation

Welcome your new students with fun and enthusiasm by inviting them to enjoy some of the most unique and unusual entertainment we offer.  Encourage energy and school spirit with a complete selection of casino rentals and games, inflatables, live performers, DJs, virtual reality games, simulators, custom favors, carnival and fun food rentals, and so much more.  Encourage your students to get to know their new school, get involved, build friendships and create lasting memories.  Our experts will help you select fun and engaging entertainment that is specially designed to appeal to the college demographic.

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College Campus Carnival Event  College Dance Revolution  College Arcade Games  Freshman Orientation Event

Game Nights

College Game Show

Customized game shows, themed competitions, and interactive entertainments are a great way to challenge and encourage your student body.  Interactive Entertainment offers a complete selection of popular game show recreations for your students to participate in, including "Family Feud", "Jeopardy", "Deal or No Deal", "Liar, Liar", and "Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader" just to name a few.

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Casino Parties

Casino parties are great for college and club fundraisers, orientations, and common hour.  Learn more about our complete selection of casino rentals.
Click here for some ideas in our catalogue: Casino Ideas

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Inflatables encourage your students to cut-loose and enjoy.  Our fun and unique inflatables include bungee runs, obstacle courses, mechanical bulls, waterslides, rock climbing setups, dodge ball arenas, laser tag environments, and dunk tanks.  What better way to get your students out for some exercise and fun with friends? Inflatables are great for orientations, common hour, and campus fundraising.
Click here for list of Inflatables in our catalogue: Inflatable Ideas

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Interactive Games

Learn more about our complete selection of interactive games that are especially appealing to the college demographic, and can be rented for just about any campus event.

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Campus Events

No matter what the occasion, theme, or requirements of your university and its students, Interactive Entertainment has the resources and the specialists that will help you realize an unforgettable campus event.  Just let us know the details and your specific objectives, and we will guide you through the process of selecting the right entertainment that will appeal to the sophisticated tastes of today’s college students.

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