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Let this new game bring the atmosphere and excitement of a race-meeting to your specific location. Our a 3-12 player unit is great for fundraisers or casino themed event, the commentator calls the players to participate, supported by on-screen displays and the traditional post horn. See your horse enter the starting stalls on the 50’’ LCD monitor or projection screen, snorting and preparing for the 'off' whilst awaiting the starting bell. Enjoy the background sounds and sample the atmosphere - it's like being live at the races. Use your skill to roll your ball into the different value scoring holes in the table to make your horse sprint, gallop or trot down the course to the finishing post... Then follow the race commentary and sound of the horses hooves pounding on the turf as they gallop past the furlong markers as you use your ball rolling skills to beat your fellow riders to the winning post. Then settle down for the next race.

Space Requirement-
Thru put3-12 at a time
Electrical20 amps




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