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The men (above) are engrossed in their handwriting analysis reports. Every page is on Client's letterhead; pass-around is phenomenal.

Signage Makes a Big Difference

Hand Writing Analysis can draw as many as 50 percent of the registered attendance at a conference or trade show (it did so at a Primed meeting in Boston for Pfizer) when there is good signage and a motivated team of reps at the booth. People have to know 1) it's free; 2) it's about them; 3) it's accurate and intelligent. When those ideas get across, the booth with Hand Writing Analysis in it is likely to be record-breaking busy for most of the first day, all of the second day, and busier than anybody else the succeeding days, even up to the last day, when the Hand Writing Analysis booth will still have traffic and other booths will be empty. IEC can suggest signage that reliably brings in business.

'This has been a remarkably well accepted program to bring thousands of physicians to the Pfizer booth. The comments from physicians has been outstanding as to the quality of the program and from the personalized service offered in the analysis & these same physicians return to the Pfizer booth to pick up the completed analysis and therefore get a second opportunity for product discussion. The remarks from the physicians regarding the accuracy of the reports has been phenomenal.'
-Ed McMahon, Pfizer




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