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Inject a dose of energy, excitement and technology into your next trade show with IEC's Live Digital Caricature Show. We will create a buzz around your booth as our artist draws and entertains your potential clients. In addition, the entire room or hospitality suite can watch the caricature come to life on the giant projection screen. As your the attendees sit in front of our artist, they draw on a state of the art digital screen, which is projected using a high definition projector for everyone present. As the artist pushes the pixels around the screen, creating a digital cartoon likeness of your guests, Our artist joke with those standing around watching, then creates a final print of the finished artwork. Because our artists create the caricatures digitally, we can do what other artists cannot: include custom backgrounds, borders, including your logo and/or event name, with each print. We will work with you prior to your event to create the perfect theme for your event. Past themes have included Vegas, New York, A Night With the Stars, and many others. Plus, after your event, you'll receive all the digital files, which you can either email or send personalized thank you cards to your clients, guests or employees. What Are Live Digital Caricatures? IEC's artists will set up our Live Digital Performance for your guests to be drawn in our famous Cartoon-like style at your event! Those at your event will be amazed to watch our artists performance on the screen across the room and even up close! This system will definitely "Draw a Crowd!" This setup includes an Apple Laptop Computer, High End Digital Touch Screen, Digital Projector and Screen. All you need to supply is a nearby power receptacle and an indoor space for us to setup!
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