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Make your Trade Show Booth exciting and eye catching You want to catch the eye of an attendee walking the floor. An eye catching sign can be effective. Pictures of what you are also can be effective and should coincide with the message you wish to get across to visitors who pas your booth. Your message must be short and sweet and to the point. Try to get a specific message to specific clients at each show. A sports celebrity appearing at your booth during the show can add that touch of excitement. Word will spread throughout the exhibit hall and everybody will want to pass by and at least catch a glance of him or her. You should have a sign in your booth from the start of the show announcing that the sports celebrity or professional athlete will be appearing on the given day and the given hours. You can also have your sports guest sign extra photos and balls and give them out to other visitors who come later. Almost everybody gives away something at a show. Your handout will be something special that nobody can duplicate. You can also use it to promote your business by having IEC custom make your photos for him to sign with your company logo or ad on it.
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