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Tetris Giant Video Arcade Game - What would happen if you combined the classic puzzle game Tetris with super huge human-sized joysticks? Tetris Giant from SEGA !

Tetris Giant (also known as Giant Tetris or Tetris Dekaris) is an Tetris game with a some big twists! The action is played on a large 47" LCD Monitor and is controlled using giant joysticks with a built-in shaker "rumble" motor, a device that Sega refers to as "Deka Lever" ("deka" is Japanese for large). Tetris Dekaris is one or two-player game with competitive and cooperative modes available.

Solo play includes line attack and score attack modes. During competitive multiplayer, clearing multiple block
rows makes your rival's speed increase. During two player cooperative play, players can swap pieces with each other by tapping a button on the main arcade cabinet.

As in a normal game of Tetris, you move your pieces left and right by moving the stick left and right, and push down on the stick to make the pieces fall into place. Buttons on the top of the joystick can be pressed to rotate your pieces around. Everything about the game is huge! The play field is 6 x 7 blocks, making the blocks super large!

Also included is some fun vocal background music during
gameplay, and the new "monkeys" play "tug-of-war" on upcoming pieces at the top of the screen - All this make
for a very huge, very fantastic and unique arcade game!

Space Requirement8x8
Electrical20 amps




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