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Bar and Bat Mitzvah

Since 1988, Interactive Entertainment Concepts has been providing unique and memorable interactive entertainment experiences for Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs.

Working closely with Jewish families and communities, we help young men and women come of age with celebratory events that combine religious traditions with the latest in interactive entertainment, including:


Bat Mitzvah DJ/MC


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High Powered DJs, MCs and Motivators

The DJ’s of Interactive Entertainment will add energy and excitement to your party or event.
We offer the right talent and a professional mix of musical styles that appeal to every type of audience, creating an audio/visual experience that enhances any private party or corporate event.

  • Talented Disc Jockeys and Masters of Ceremonies
  • Motivational dancers that liven the celebration, whether it’s break-dancing, urban styles or classic ballroom dance steps.
  • Dancers and DJ’s can wear special costumes that tie into your special theme
  • Cutting edge lighting, special effects and sound systems
  • DJ’s can interact with live musicians and vocalists
  • Video screens can add an MTV-style appeal

IEC takes it to the next level with theme parties, casino parties, carnivals, photo ops, virtual reality and interactive games that add fun and excitement to any event.

DJs, MCs, Motivators, and so many other talent live artists and performers will entertain and enthuse your guests with today’s hottest acts, music, and moves. Interactive Entertainment will help you select DJs, MCs and entertainers most suitable for your guests. You can learn more about our entertainers including high powered DJs MCs and magicians.
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Interactive Games

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Interactive Entertainment specializes in the most innovative, advanced and exciting games out there. Virtual Reality, Simulators, Sports Games and Arcade Games are available for rent, and make great additions to nearly any bar/bat mitzvah, as well as countless other celebrations. Guests of all ages will share the excitement of friendly competition and fun memories they’ll experience from enjoying our many interactive games.

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Craft, Photo, Audio/Video and Party Favors


For completely unique, unusual, and customized favors, why not incorporate some of the hottest make-your-own and craft favors available? Your guests will share a great experience crafting a creating their own favors, and continue to remember the celebration as they take their personal keepsake home. Some of our craft and customized party favors and entertainment include:

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Arcade Game Rentals

Arcade rentals are exciting additions to just about any party. Not only do they now appeal to so many age groups, providing fun game play with classic appeal, they are perfect add-ins to that festive atmosphere that makes for a memorable celebration. Arcade games we offer include timeless favorites, as well at the hottest multiplayer and simulator games you can find today. Why not add a hi-tech feel and more variety to your party with some of the most innovative arcade game rentals?
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Cocktail Hour Entertainment

Interactive Entertainment offers a wide variety of entertainment that is designed to enhance the limited time and space of the cocktail hour portion of your celebration. Your guests will be entertained with unique and specially coordinated entertainment that is cost effective and suited to your occasion requirements. Many of our rentals, atmospheric additions and games can be easily incorporated, maintaining style, fun, and sophistication throughout your entire event.
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Casino Parties

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Imagine all the excitement of Las Vegas, Monte Carlo or Atlantic City with a casino party supervised and managed by Interactive Entertainment Concepts.

Casino parties are an ideal way for corporations to impress current and prospective clients and employees. Not-for-profit organizations also use casino nights as a fun and exciting way to raise money and build awareness.

Interactive Entertainment offers a full spectrum of casino games, including :

  • Texas Hold’em Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Craps
  • Roulette
  • Baccarat
  • Slot Machines
  • Money Wheel
  • And more…


You can manage the tables yourself, or better yet, have us supply professionally trained and dressed croupiers/dealers, complete with tuxedo shirts and black ties. For added ambiance, we can provide special props and decorations to make your casino party extra special, with special packages available to meet your budgetary requirements.

The Typical Casino Night:

At the start of the night, each player is given an equal amount of play money, which can be exchanged for chips at any gaming table. At the end of the evening, each player’s performance is determined by how many chips or prize vouchers they turn into the cashier.

Casino nights can also utilize raffle tickets as currency, which is handed in at the end of the evening, with prizes raffled off to winning numbers. Players who have obtained the most raffle tickets at the gaming tables will naturally have the best odds, but everyone has an opportunity of going home a winner.

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Plasma Rentals/Lighting

As your guests arrive, they will be taken in by the unique and stylish atmosphere or your event. This is thanks to the many atmospheric rentals that are available from Interactive Entertainment Concepts. We offer a complete selection of plasma and lighting rentals that include special effects lighting, rotating, colored lights, lighted truss, circular trussing with plasma, programmable displays, video and audio incorporation, live video feeds, montages, animation, illuminated dance floors, LEDs, and customized “Gobos”.
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There are limitless possibilities for incorporating live entertainment into your event. Interactive Entertainment deals directly with exceptional entertainers and professional performers who are expert at engaging and captivating audiences of all ages and demographics. Acts and routines include airbrush and caricature artists, glassblowers, fortune tellers, illusionists, magicians, kanji and calligraphy artists, contortionists, acrobats, living statues, and henna and face painting artists. We also can arrange for DJs and MCs to add to the excitement.
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